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Elite Series 50 Warlord
Elite Series 50 Rhyno
Elite Series 50 Stephanie McMahon
Elite Series 50 Baron Corbin
Elite Series 50 John Cena
Elite Series 50 Shane McMahon
Battle Packs 46 Shane McMahon and Dean Ambrose
Battle Packs 46 Miz and Maryse
Battle Packs 46 New Day
Battle Packs 46 Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows
Elite Series 49 Big Cass
Elite Series 49 Enzo Amore
Elite Series 49 Becky Lynch
Elite Series 49 Apollo Crews
Elite Series 49 Randy Orton
Basic Series 71 Austin Aries
Basic Series 71 Charlotte Flair
Basic Series 71 Seth Rollins
Basic Series 71 Baron Corbin
Basic Series 71 the Undertaker
Basic Series 71 John Cena
Basic Series 71 Finn Balor
Battle Packs Series 45 Triple H and Road Dogg
Battle Packs Series 45 Enzo Amore and Big Cass
Battle Packs Series 45 Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder
Battle Packs Series 45 AJ Styles and Roman Reigns
Elite Series 47 A AJ Styles
Elite Series 47 A Asuka
Elite Series 47 A Cesaro
Elite Series 47 A Kevin Owens
Elite Series 47 A Tatanka
Elite Series 47 A Big Bossman
Basic Series 68 B the Rock with Bonus Slammy
Basic Series 68 B AJ Styles with Bonus Slammy
Basic Series 68 B Chris Jericho
Basic Series 68 B Seth Rollins
Basic Series 68 B Sting
Basic Series 68 B Alexa Bliss
Basic 69 Triple H with Bonus Slammy Award
Basic 69 John Cena with Bonus Slammy Award
Basic 69 Bray Wyatt with Bonus Slammy Award
Basic 69 Sami Zayn with Bonus Slammy Award
Basic 68 A Brock Lesnar
Basic 68 A Finn Balor with Bonus Slammy Award
Basic 68 A Neville with Bonus Slammy Award
Basic 68 A Kalisto with Bonus Slammy Award
WWE Masks: Finn Balor
WWE Masks: Sting
WWE Masks: Ultimate Warrior
Basic Series 66 Paige
Elite Series 45 Lord Steven Regal
Elite Series 45 Narcissist Lex Luger
Elite Series 45 Roman Reigns
Basic Series 64 Apollo Crews
Basic Series 64 Brock Lesnar
Basic Series 64 Xavier Woods
Basic Series 64 John Cena
Elite Series 44 Big E
Elite Series 44 Sin Cara
Elite Series 44 Tugboat
Elite Series 44 Macho Man Randy Savage
Elite Legends Kamala
Elite Legends Magnum TA
Elite Legends Undertaker
Elite Legends Shawn Michaels
Elite Legends Ultimate Warrior
Elite Series 43 Kofi Kingston
Elite Series 43 Alberto Del Rio
Elite Series 43 Bret Hart
Elite Series 43 Jim Neidhart
Battle Packs Series 41 Ric Flair and Charlotte
Battle Packs Series 41 Simon Gotch and Aiden English
Basic 62 Becky Lynch
Basic 62 the Miz
Basic 62 Roman Reigns
Basic 62 Sting
Basic 62 Sin Cara
Basic 62 John Cena
Defining Moments Ultimate Warrior - Ultimate Maniacs
Battle Packs Series 40 the Bushwhackers
Battle Packs Series 40 Steve Austin and Mr McMahon
Defining Moments Surfer Sting
Elite Series 42 Kalisto
Elite Series 42 Triple H
Elite Series 42 Nasty Boy Jerry Sags
Elite Series 42 Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs
Basic Series 61 John Cena
Basic Series 61 Dean Ambrose
Basic Series 61 Dolph Ziggler
Basic Series 61 Zack Ryder
Basic Series 61 Big E
Basic Series 61 Sami Zayn
Basic Series 61 Finn Balor
Basic Series 61 Neville
Basic Series 61 Natalya
Elite Series 41 Dean Ambrose
Elite Series 41 Ryback
Elite Series 41 Lita
Elite Series 41 Terry Funk
Elite Series 41 1-2-3 Kid
Defining Moments Steve Austin
Battle Packs 38 the Bella Twins
Battle Packs 38 Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker
Battle Packs 38 Adam Rose and the Bunny
Basic Series 59 John Cena
Basic Series 59 Triple H
Basic Series 59 Bray Wyatt
Basic Series 59 R-Truth
Basic Series 59 Sheamus
Basic Series 59 Sasha Banks
Basic Series 59 Eva Marie
Basic Series 59 the Honky Tonk Man
Basic Series 59 the Iron Sheik
Basic Series 58 Kevin Owens
Basic Series 58 Lana
Basic Series 58 Edge
Basic Series 58 the Undertaker
Basic Series 58 Bad News Barrett
Basic Series 58 Fandango
Elite Series 40 IRS
Elite Series 40 Umaga
Elite Series 40 Tyson Kidd
Battle Packs 37 J and J Secuirty
Battle Packs 37 the Ascension
Elite 39 Sycho Sid
Basic Series 56 Hideo Itami
Basic Series 56 Ultimate Warrior
Basic Series 56 Xavier Woods
Basic Series 56 Dean Ambrose
Basic Series 56 John Cena
Basic Series 55 Charlotte
Basic Series 55 Randy Orton
Basic Series 55 Sting
Basic Series 55 John Cena
Basic Series 55 Kane
Basic Series 55 El Torito
Basic Series 55 Undertaker
Basic Series 55 Bray Wyatt
Elite Series 37 John Cena
Elite Series 37 Stephanie McMahon
Elite Series 37 the Miz
Elite Series 37 Dean Malenko
Basic 53 Brock Lesnar
Basic 53 Damien Mizdow (Sandow)
Basic 53 the Rock
Basic 53 Triple H
Basic Series 52 the Miz
Basic Series 52 John Cena
Basic Series 52 Chris Jericho
Basic Series 52 Mark Henry
Elite Series 36 Bray Wyatt
Elite Series 36 Bo Dallas
Defining Moments Sting
Basic Series 51 Dolph Ziggler
Basic Series 51 Dean Ambrose
Basic Series 51 Stephanie McMahon
Basic Series 51 Stone Cold Steve Austin
Basic Series 51 Heath Slater
Basic Series 50 Adam Rose
Basic Series 50 Seth Rollins
Basic Series 50 Summer Rae
Basic Series 50 Sami Zayn
Battle Pack 34 Lana and Rusev
Basic Series 49 Bret Hart
Basic Series 48 Ric Flair
Basic Series 48 Hulk Hogan
Basic Series 48 John Cena
Basic Series 48 Booker T
Basic Series 48 Randy Orton
Elite Series 34 Hulk Hogan
Elite Series 34 Rusev
Wrestlemania Heritage the Rock
Wrestlemania Heritage Hulk Hogan
Battle Packs 32 the New Age Outlaws
Battle Packs 32 Daniel Bryan and Triple H
Basic Series 47 Rusev
Basic Series 47 Brock Lesnar
Basic Series 47 Kane
Basic Series 47 Christian
Basic Series 47 Cesaro
Defining Moments Hulk Hogan
Basic Signature Series 2015 Hulk Hogan
Basic Signature Series 2015 Bray Wyatt
Basic Signature Series 2015 John Cena
Basic Signature Series 2015 Daniel Bryan
Basic Signature Series 2015 Batista
Basic Signature Series 2015 Dean Ambrose
Basic Series 46 the Big Show
Basic Series 46 Kofi Kingston
Basic Series 46 Bad News Barrett
Basic Series 46 Jerry Lawler
Basic Series 46 Batista
Elite Series 33 Batista
Elite Series 33 Roman Reigns
Elite Series 33 X-Pac
Elite Series 33 Junkyard Dog
Basic Series 45 Triple H
Basic Series 45 Chris Jericho
Basic Series 45 the Miz
Basic Series 45 Daniel Bryan
Basic 42 Batista
Basic 42 El Torito
Basic 42 Big Show
Basic 42 Roman Reigns
Basic Series 39 - Bray Wyatt
Basic Series 39 - Rob Van Dam
Basic Series 39 - Christian
Basic Series 39 - Heath Slater
Basic Series 39 - John Cena
Basic Series 36 Kaitlyn
Basic Series 36 CM Punk
Basic Series 36 Jack Swagger
Basic Series 36 Christian
Elite 25 Brodus Clay
Basic 33 the Big Show
Basic 33 Dolph Ziggler
Basic 33 the Great Khali
Basic 33 CM Punk
Best of Basic 2013 the Undertaker
Best of Basic 2013 Randy Orton
Elite Collection Series 21 - Ryback
Basic Series 27 - Ryback
Basic Series 27 - Antonio Cesaro
Signature Series 2012/13 - CM Punk
Best of Basic 2012 - Brodus Clay
Basic Series 24 - Zack Ryder
Elite Series 18 - Brodus Clay
Basic Series 23 - Santino Marella
Basic WWE Series 22 - Zack Ryder
Best of Basic 2012 - Daniel Bryan
Basic 17 - Zack Ryder